Laughter on the Brain


It’s true-laughter is the best medicine! Recent research confirms it- laughter can improve your memory, lower your risk of heart disease, decrease stress, and help you lose weight. A recent study at Loma Linda University in California which tested a group of 20 senior citizens discovered that watching comedies helped assist short-term memory and … [Read more...]

What People Think of You is None of Your Business


  It’s very common to wonder what people think of you. Many people worry about pleasing others and are worried that others will judge them negatively. The truth is, what other people think of you doesn’t matter. What goes on inside people’s heads doesn’t affect you in the slightest. In addition, there’s no reason to worry about what … [Read more...]

Inspirational Quotes for the Hard Times in Life


Youtube Video: Inspirational Quotes for the Hard Times in Life These inspirational quotes are for the hard times in life. This video is to help inspire you when things get overwhelming. You have the strength to defeat life's obstacles and overcome your challenges! V: Shot at Hueston Woods, Ohio A: MileyCyrus-TheClimb Dedicated: My little … [Read more...]

3 Ways for the Busy Person to Take a Break


1) Take the bus or subway instead of driving.  Make this a “no mobile device zone”.  Instead bring a book to read.  When’s the last time you enjoyed a good book?   By commuting on public transportation at least a few times per week, you will build in some time for yourself and eliminate the stress of driving.  Heck, you’ll even save some money and … [Read more...]

4 Tips For Eating All Natural Foods


Ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”?  Eating natural foods can lead to a healthier and happier you.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming to eat right.  Here are a few tips to get you started: 1) Avoid the center of the grocery store Next time you go grocery shopping, try to shop the perimeter of the store and stay away … [Read more...]

The 13 Best Dr. Seuss Quotes – We Are All A Little Weird


If you ask any of my family members or friends they will tell you that I am weirdo. But you know what? I am 100% happy with that! Being weird means rarely having a boring moment. Being called weird is a compliment not an insult. It’s who I am and it makes me feel unique, which, is a truly amazing feeling. The thing I love about Dr. Seuss is that … [Read more...]